史俊:金市汇市皆震荡 唯有原油强势涨

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YINCHUAN, May 13 (Xinhua) -- Like any stay-at-home mom, Liu Shuqin's day starts with cooking breakfast, waking up her daughters and then sending them to school."In the past, we burned the straw because it was useless, but now burning it is like burning money. It has become our golden goose," he said."People are living better lives," Tian said. "New roads are truly leading people out of poverty here."

The train, traveling 117 km, connects many poverty-striken local towns and villages in the mountainous area with the outside world. It is known for its slow speed and low pricing -- 7.5 yuan (about 1.1 U.S. dollars) for the whole trip."Water is an essential element for the country's development, we have to learn to conserve it, treat it and use it rationally," he said.On 8-cm high heels, Guli can walk on a Dawazi, which is only about 3 cm in diameter."I feed about 200 tourists from around the world every day in peak season or when film crews come to the village," Xiao said. "Foreign tourists like hiking in the mountains and chicken fried rice is their favorite dish."

史俊:金市汇市皆震荡 唯有原油强势涨

But bringing Lanzhou noodles to overseas eaters has been difficult for Chinese businesses as many of their chefs fail to meet visa requirements.In 2006, a methane tank was built in the village. With the help of the local agricultural bureau, a 20-square-meter greenhouse was erected on top of the tank. Villagers bought vegetable seeds and were surprised to find that turnips and cabbages were so easy to grow. Hugely encouraged, they built greenhouses on other idle lands of over 1,100 square meters.Martinez, the 24-year-old assistant and friend of Hernandez, used to play in the Chilean Second Division. In 2014, he went to Chengdu to work as a trainer for a local team. This year, he followed Hernandez's advice and returned to China, to help him train the young talents in Kaili."Quick communication via the Internet has lowered young people's attachment to families and the environment where they grew up," Huang said. "For many young people, returning home does not matter as much anymore."The Malaysian driver was quicker in the corners but Yelloly's BMW had the edge on the straights, and the Briton had to draw on all his skill and experience to keep the faster Jazeman at bay. The local favourite eventually settled for second place after suffering a puncture towards the end of the final lap, allowing Yelloly and teammate Chen to take the win to mark a fairytale China GT debut.

"In the past, whenever I went home, I would see bundles of peach flowers," Zhong said. "In traditional culture, peach flowers mean good relationship and marriage, and I certainly know what my parents are trying to indicate with the flowers."The state-owned Gogol Bookshop has been battling to win back customers in the digital age, when many customers choose to read e-books instead of going to brick-and-mortar bookstores, according to Yu.

In a bloody clash that flared up in Tash Kotal area of Khawja Ghar district of the northern Takhar province on Friday, five Taliban militants and one police constable were killed while five others including four militants and a police officer were injured, district governor Mohammad Omar confirmed.For farmers like Wang in the county, to apply for an assessment of their credit is the first and most crucial step before they get a loan from the local rural commercial bank.

Luo wants to build a bigger museum that is open 24 hours a day. The municipal government has agreed to provide him 2,000 square meter space in Sanbao Village, home to a concentration of ceramic artists and studios.Most of the stores in Linqian Community sell cultural and creative products such as Hanfu (the traditional, historical dress of the Han people, the largest ethnic group in China), carved wood sculptures, and Chinese paintings and calligraphy.

史俊:金市汇市皆震荡 唯有原油强势涨

According to the Expat Explorer 2017 Report published by HSBC, a move to China, which is one of the world's economic powerhouses, offers expats numerous career and income advantages.Wen said that she and her colleagues usually work together to deliver heavy packages."It's hard to do it neatly without any object of reference in the vast cotton fields in Xinjiang," said Luo. He recalled that farmers had to run after tractors and measure the space between cotton rows with rulers.

Like Lhosong, many families in Lhorong have bid goodbye to poverty thanks to highland barley. According to the local government's work plan, the whole county will overcome poverty by the year-end.Lin is currently looking for young talents to inherit the art, which faces a shortage of young people willing to learn the traditional craft.The former site in northeast China's Liaoning Province has been transformed into an industrial museum. Actually, a number of cities have been eyeing on creating cultural and creative parks, leisure and tourism areas and patriotic-themed bases with old industrial factors.

Xinjiang played tough defense to keep Sichuan off balance through the second quarter where Zhou Yixiang and Abudushalamu hit a pair of 3-pointers each for a 20-2 run to help Xinjiang lead 68-47 into the second half."As Africa embarks on the implementation of the Malabo Declaration commitments and Agenda 2063, we are convinced that this report will make a valuable contribution towards emphasizing the vital role that well-designed national social protection programs can play," said Josefa Sacko, AU Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture.

史俊:金市汇市皆震荡 唯有原油强势涨

"Heilingou Village had only two water wells and faced severe water shortage," Tang said. "The water tank, which is even older than me, helped us through the most difficult times."The transformation of the factory is part of a campaign to preserve industrial architecture, turning abandoned buildings into creative areas, public sports zones and nursing homes to protect the historical sites as well as transforming them into new growth drivers.

"I didn't want to end up in this kind of life," Cai said. So he applied to Tianjin Open University and was luckily admitted by the junior college's social work program in 2010.Ji Qiumei had been raised in a pasture. She has known yaks since childhood and understood that for Tibetan herders, yaks are the most important source of food as well as income.SHENYANG Jan. 20 (Xinhua) -- As Chinese New Year drew near, people of the Xibo ethnic group gathered Friday in Silongwan Village in Shenyang, capital of northeast China's Liaoning Province for a traditional game known as "galaha snatching."

The civilians were shifted to an army camp for identification process before being provided accommodation and they would join their families soon.He further noted that his country "recommends and encourages a political solution to solve the Syrian crisis," stressing that "military action would only deepen the conflict in this Middle Eastern nation."

LHASA, April 19 (Xinhua) -- Hearing from his mother that the first plowing day had been set, Dainzin Losang left Lhasa for his home village, just like he did every year. This year, however, was special.Farmers like Yu Huanqin are also selling their peaches online. Though Yu still retains the habit of keeping her accounts by hand, she no longer needs to carry her peaches for sale as her daughter helps her sell them online.

Gongcheng Academy is the venue, where 85 years ago, the leaders of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held an urgent meeting, which changed the course of an odyssey unequaled in the Chinese modern history -- the Long March.On her part, Tsirigoti highlighted the measures taken in fight against organized crime in the border regions."This is our firm commitment to fight against Daesh (Islamic State group) and other terrorist networks until they are utterly smashed," Ghani said in a speech marking the 100th anniversary of the country's Independence Day.

It also took him three weeks to carve the decorative patterns on the figurine's weapon, and a month to make the furry ornaments on its clothes.Li Ting, a resident of Zhongjiang County in Sichuan Province, planned to watch domestic film "Detective Chinatown 2" at 5 p.m. Tuesday, but only a few seats in the first row of a movie theater were left.Every year, 150 newly enrolled students in this school are paired with local families with whom they can spend weekends, holidays and celebrate festivals together.He whistles, one long blast and two short, to signal to his guests that their weekly banquet is ready. The wild macaques soon arrive in their thousands."The remote sensing satellite captures images of the vegetation and forms data according to the proportion of different wavelengths of light the plants reflect," Qu said.

From April to October every year, thousands of black-necked cranes fly to Longbao, an important breeding site for the species."Those small products are very common things, however, they matter a lot for poor households, which can reduce some burdens for them," said Jiang Yan, owner of the supermarket.HAIKOU, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) -- After driving nearly 800 km over three days, 35-year-old Cheng Cheng, who had tirelessly trenched in the swamp for hours, finally found a perfect spot to observe an endangered waterbird.

Before the Yelang Village Kindergarten was set up, there was only one kindergarten in Gaolouping Township.SHENYANG Jan. 20 (Xinhua) -- As Chinese New Year drew near, people of the Xibo ethnic group gathered Friday in Silongwan Village in Shenyang, capital of northeast China's Liaoning Province for a traditional game known as "galaha snatching.""We have complementary skill sets and expertise. We believe working together on joint investments and initiatives will strengthen our capacity to deliver on our respective missions and benefit our members," he said.

GUANGZHOU, Aug. 4 (Xinhua) -- It is the season for sowing autumn rice, yet Qiu Huihong, a farmer in south China's Guangdong Province, is already feeling the joy of a good harvest.Jiang's daughter Hu Shuangfeng returned to Tachuan to open bed and breakfast (B&B) in 2016. The delicate house featuring regional characteristics and delicious local food has attracted tourists nationwide.

"Afghanistan's security must be the top priority. Afghanistan is capable of ensuring its own security and strong enough to defend against any threats against the country. I praised our strong security forces. But the politician and government must support the soldiers and police as they suffer from lack of supplies and food in far districts," another resident Mohammad Sijad told Xinhua.SHENYANG, Feb. 4 (Xinhua) -- Instead of traveling back to hometown, young workers in China began to invite their parents to cities where they settle for the Spring Festival holiday, a new trend during the annual travel rush."There were only 500 to 600 people coming for the treatment when I first joined the hospital in 2008," said Wu Bingkun, a TCM specialist at a hospital in Hefei, capital of east China's Anhui Province.

SHANGHAI, Oct. 16 (Xinhua) -- Wu Jiahang, chief representative of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation in China, is elaborately preparing coffee beans for the first ever China International Import Expo (CIIE).Although AI technology is predominately used in assisting consumers during online shopping, said Fu, the technology has huge potential to be used in many other areas, such as language interpreting and others.

Lars Anke, the executive director of the Hamburg Liaison Office in Shanghai, always waits at the finish line to greet the tourists.Though scheduled for the Chinese new year on Feb. 5, the film's promo video "What is Peppa Pig?" went viral as soon as it was released online Thursday night. In just a few hours, it was trending on both Weibo and Wechat, the two most popular Chinese social media platforms with hundreds of thousands of forwards and likes.

TAIYUAN, June 24 (Xinhua) -- In the early morning after the rain, Wang Aie, a retiree in north China's Shanxi Province, started her daily walk along an alley in a forest park and took a deep breath. In the past, this was almost impossible."Making a mask is not easy. There are more than 20 steps, and everything is done by hand. Each stroke of the chisel is important," he said.The caregivers are even responsible for stimulating secretion of milk to ensure the calves have enough to eat.In 2011, another opportunity came when Li was reviewing the growing state of his potatoes in Turkey. A Saudi Arabian company took a fancy to his potatoes when its managers were also on a business trip in Turkey. Before long 800,000 of Li's potatoes were sent to Saudi Arabia.


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